My dog, my life, my everything.

Everyday I wake up and I am instantly reminded of the love I feel so immensely for all animals through the relationship I have with my dog, how extremely strong our bond is and how grateful I am for the lessons he teaches me everyday. He is without a doubt the man of my dreams, my Jack Russell: SPARKY, everyday he reminds me what love really means, the love we have for each other, the love we have for life, for EVERY living creature, how to embrace everything fully and to always bring love & joy to every single being on this planet which is just so beautiful, so pure & inspiring, like me Sparky has also had the pleasure of experiencing some incredible adventures, hanging out with Sea Shepherds, flying across Australia to many different places, being on festival and event crews fully accredited with his own special name-tag, he has been loved and nurtured by many in both my presence and my absence, something I am forever grateful for. We have travelled the world together and now we live very happily together in Amsterdam with Miguel after a few years in Portugal…. such a blessing to share my life with you!

Everyday I love you more, my dearest Sparky Boy ©