I recently saw someone on instagram posting this quote. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. As an animal rights activist especially i see so many Facebook wall-wars, so many angry people just shouting at people, but they aren’t really shouting, they aren’t really doing something about the world, all they do is sit (on their ass that is) behind a computer (oh what a save spot) yelling at people, most of the time at people who ARE actually DOING something about the state of the world and all beings in it. Keyboard Warriors i call them. We must PRACTICE WHAT WE POST!

Like we should mean what we say and say what we mean, that is the most important thing in all of our actions, in everything we do, day to day. If you are posting something, which means you are saying something so then ┬áDO IT. Don’t be a victim, don’t be a keyboard warrior, but be a true warrior. Someone who lives his/her truth-SATYA. I try to be a bigger and better version of myself everyday. The practice of Jivamukti Yoga helps with that. It has given me so much! So many connections with incredible teachers and beautiful people, so many gifts, so many presents, so much light, so much love and my job as a teacher is to keep spreading that light and to KEEP IT REAL. To cut through the bullshit, that really is what the job of a teacher is.

To practice what i post and post what i practice.