Be a happy plant-powered being!

Learn not to divine yourself with what you are against. Instead divine yourself by expressing with your words and actions what you are for. – Max Strom 

When asked the question how to bring up the importance of veganism to meat eating friends and or students we teach my precious teacher David Life (co-founder Jivamukti Yoga) answered short and sweet. You don’t. He said just be happy. Be so happy that other people are like how come she’s always so happy? That’s really how I see it too. To live by example. To encourage and inspire others not scare them the hell away. I’ve been an animal rights  activist for a long time. And I was angry (and aggressive) for a long time. It served me. For a while. And then it stopped serving me. I was broken, down, super unhappy and lost. All the time. I got the opportunity to learn how to shift all that anger and pain and terror into love and light and happiness. A lot of that thanks to my #jivamuktiyoga practice and great teachers like David Life and Sharon Gannon but most of all because the animals are better off this way. I am happy. I am healthy. I love my life. This not only serves me it serves the world around me. With all this love and joy in my heart I travel around the world to spread the word. As a spokesperson for the animals i teach people the importance of plant based living, a job i take very seriously as my “clients” are my everything. And yes exactly like David said I always get people coming up to me and say what you’re nearly 40, you look so young! Or you always look so good, so happy, you’re glowing what’s your secret? The secret is LOVE. For all beings. To live with compassion. And to spread that love as thick as (vegan) Nutella. Joy. Laughter. Being a little crazy and adventurous. To be loving and open to all. It has gotten me so far in this world and made me a better person AND a better activist. 

So this year with all this in mind I have the absolute pleasure to travel all over Europe to talk about animal rights, teach yoga and cook food with my Food Yoga and Activism workshops. I will be travelling to Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. (more places to be confirmed) I hope you guys can join me in one of the many places I’ll be coming to! Just check my website for more info. All glory to my teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. Without them none of this would exist. I carry you both in my heart, always. 

Photo by yogaphotographer Richard Pilnick