Ahimsa, the science of non violence
Practicing the art of peace love and kindness
Cultivated state where love shines the brightest
Resolving conflict with the ancient yogic science
MC Yogi

Welcome to my yoga page! Ahimsa Living is what I do all day, every day. Speaking from a place of realness and authenticity I travel all over the world sharing my AHIMSA LIVING and animal rights activism experience and stories using the means of yoga and yoga philosophy as my platform.

I am a Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, graduated in 2013 in New York. But yoga is yoga as I see it, so i expanded my yoga view over the years and embraced the teachings of others I love learning with like Cat Alip Douglas and Phil Douglas from Sangye Yoga, Steward Gilchrist from East London School of Yoga and my man Mick Barnes from the Yoga Factory in Sydney, where it all began! So really I teach YOGA. 

My yoga classes are dynamic, strong, energetic with a smashing play-list, teachings drawn from my own life experience and work as an animal rights activist. My dream and goal for the future is to develop my very own Teacher Training program, stepping into the footsteps of incredible teachers who have gone before me. 

I am also a proud ambassador of Hey Honey Yoga. 

AND I have my own podcast GO FOR YOUR LIFE. 




ALL GLORY to Sharon Gannon and David Life co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga, I hold you and the teachings preciously close to my heart. Mick Barnes, you are my one and only teacher, I adore you, without you and you ever ongoing knowledge and encouragement I would not be the dedicated teacher and student I am today. I heart you! The Yoga Factory will always be a place I call home, where my crazy career of yoga, travel and finding my destiny begun.