3 day Ayur-Vegan Autumn Cleanse 2024: 22nd of September to 25th of September



Cleanse, reset and renew with this wonderful Ayurvedic kitchari mono-fast. Starting on Autumn Equinox, a perfect time to detox, cleanse and get rid of all we no longer need. Focused on diet as well as life style, specifically focused on morning rituals, yoga and meditation practices.


This is a personally designed program as such, which I use to have a good inner cleanse and detoxify shit from my body. To cleanse my body, my palate, my mind and bring back lightness, joy and healthy eating habits into my life, not focused on weight loss. But i will share this with you all, to encourage and inspire you, to check in with yourself and adopt healthier eating habits, so we can all be happy and healthy ready to take on anything! Who is with me?


It helps to know your constitution, here is a link to a great dosha quiz. All participants in the cleanse will be asked to fill in a consultation form and will have a short 20 min one on one consultation with me before we start so i know the dosha imbalance and how to work with that.


The Kitchari Mono Fast is the traditional Ayurvedic cleanse with mung beans, rice, vegetable and spices. Eating the same food daily creates the most stability for the mind, and gently allows the body to remove ama (toxins). It is satisfying, easy and cleanses the palate along with deep tissue. You will deeply awaken your sense of taste. The fast isn’t just about food though, the morning ritual which comes with the fast is just as important for dosha balancing.

What will you learn? 

  • Key Ayurvedic principles and how to best work with this 3 day cleanse
  • Daily yoga, meditation and pranayama practices to fuel your digestive fire, unwind your nervous system, calm the mind and increase cleanse benefits
  • Dinacharya: daily morning rituals, how to work with them and where to start
  • The many benefits of fasting, cleansing and resetting your system and why doing this twice a year is transformative

What do i provide? 


  • Group sessions, at the beginning and the end of the cleanse there will be zoom group sessions to share experiences and check in with each other how everyone is going and feel supported and inspired by like-minded souls sharing this mono-fast journey
  • A full menu for your 3-day cleanse, with recipes and a shopping list
  • A personally designed menu and treatment plan including a dosha specific diet plan

WHEN? 22nd of September to 25th of September 2024

Day 1: INTRO: Sunday 22nd of September (Autumn Equinox) intro, go through recipes, rituals and what the week will looks like: zoom group session 6 pm to 730 pm CET

Cleanse day 1: Monday 23rd

Cleanse Day 2:  Tuesday 24th

Cleanse Day 3: Wednesday 25th

plus last day closing ceremony zoom group session 6 to 8 pm CET

COSTS: 100 euros 

Participants must join the whole course!


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