4 Week Online Vegan Cheese Making Course – Coming Soon!

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4 weeks Online Vegan Cheese Making COMING SOON!

I have been playing around with making vegan cheese for nearly a decade now, my first vegan cheese making workshop was in January 2013 with my dear friend Becc in Sydney Australia, Becc ended up having her own vegan cheese business for a few years after that workshop. That’s where my story begins and it’s an everlasting never ending journey if you ask me. I have had my own vegan cheese business in Portugal for four years called GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE and I strongly believe in the fact that you can turn anything and I mean absolutely anything into a vegan dish. Playing around with rejuvelac, nuts, yogurt, beans, you name it just proves my point. So keep your eyes out for this 4 weeks course taking you all on a dairy free journey and recipes I personally developed, taking you through all the steps of vegan cheese making.