ON DEMAND! BE THE CHANGE. 90 min Jivamukti Yoga Class


Join me and my friend and student Gitte for a lovely, fun, dynamic, energetic JIVAMUKTI YOGA vinyasa class. Most of the students taking my classes say that I am not your average yoga teacher, i like to use different elements like quotes, readings and funky music as part of the class, I like to think that in every class I take students on a wild adventure through space and time, expanding the heart, body, soul, my classes are not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure.

This class is light to medium level, inspired by civil rights activist John Lewis (during class you will hear readings from his book Across the Bridge) inspiring and encouraging you all TO BE THE CHANGE! This video was originally shot for Vegan NSW in Australia but anyone
around the globe should do this one!

Shot at United Yoga Amsterdam.Demonstrated by Gitte.


High five to the Yoga Factory and Mick Barnes in Sydney.