You got this! 3 weeks yoga series.

U got this - flyer 1


Rock up. Kick as(s)ana and REPEAT! 3 weeks yoga (master) class series.

YOU GOT THIS! YOGA GOT THIS! Trust and believe ya’all! 

We all collectively continue to face challenges, struggles and obstacles, but like the oh so fresh Ganesh we can be the remover of obstacles too if we just commit to the practice, roll out that mat and let our bodies move through it, so our mind can be still, free, at ease. I have created this special yoga masterclass series where we focus on asana, the physical practice but also a vegan detox recipe and an inspiring reading from books like the Spiritual Activist, Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) and Fiona Oakes book Running for Good. Every book will also be the focus and theme of the class. These masterclass series are developed especially to challenge you physically, to go deeper into the practice and go on a personal journey exploring SELF, getting rid of old habits and SETTING INTENTION! 

Expect inspiring, sweaty, fun, elevating, motivating classes! 

3 Sunday afternoons all through March. 2 hour masterclasses (plus two recipes per class) 



21st of March 

1700 to 1900 CET live on zoom!

Book all three for 60 euro’s or one off 24 euros